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System Manager

Custom Vantage Office® was designed with flexibility and ease-of-use in mind. Each company and even specific users may require something unique to themselves.

That’s why the features and options found in the System Manager will allow you to configure Custom Vantage Office™ to run in a specific way for each user and your business.

Key Features  
User defined powerful grid searching    

    Group by any column in the Search Form    

    Export and summarize search information    

    Advanced searching options available    

    Company Setup    

    Starting Transaction Numbers    

    Ship Via Setup    

    Terms Setup    

    Company Policy    

    Reminder List    

    Schedule Category Type    

    Schedule Activity Details    

    Customer Data Fields    

    Prospect Data Fields    

    Customer Auto Schedule    

    Prospect Auto Schedule    

    Set Default Shipping Terms for new transactions    

    Set Default Customer Terms for new transactions    

    Option for Deleting Orders after Convert to Invoice    

    Option to use Default Currency when duplicating transactions    

    Option to display post and un-post messages    

    Option to check credit card type before posting    

    Option to check for blank default accounts on start-up    

    Option to assign check numbers after printing    

    Enable Audit Trail    

    Set Inventory Costing Method    

    Set Inventory default Item Type    

    Set Inventory default Warehouse ID    

    Set Inventory default Classification    

    Set minimum profit margin percentage    

    Option to display customer and inventory special pricing methods when invoicing    

    Option to prevent negative stock    

    Option to display out of stock message    

    Set bonus points formula    

    Sales – default line item tab order    

    Sales – default decimal places    

    Sales – track discounts in G/L    

    Sales – enable back orders    

    Sales – enable invoice voiding    

    Sales – prevent negative allocation    

    Sales – display over credit limit message    

    Sales – display customer notes when adding an order    

    Sales – use Company Logo on Orders and Invoices    

    Purchases – option to display only the inventory items for the selected Vendor    

    Purchases – track discounts in G/L    

    Purchases – automatically create a bill after receiving inventory    

    Purchases – enable A/P clearing    

    Purchases – enable multiple terms and discount override    

    Purchases – default decimal places    

    Purchases – 1099 threshold    

    Enable and setup Add-Ons    

    Set User default work flow menu    

    Set User defined Find Form options    

    User option for invoice warning message about item reorder point    

    User option to show Dashboard on start-up    

    User option to show Scheduled Activities on start-up    

    User combo box drop down options    

    User setup of Favorite Reports    

    Set User desktop and themes    

    Setup or change User keyboard shortcut    

    Set User printing options    

    Setup Currency Exchange Rates    


    Zip / Postal Codes    

    Store locations    

    Enable Reminder List