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Management Dashboard

Key Features
The Dashboard can have up to 4 columns with configurable widths  
    Unlimited Panels can be displayed in each dashboard column    
    Drill down on grid data to source    
    Each user can have and maintain their own dashboard    
    Easily create your own custom dashboard panels    
    Customize existing dashboard panels with ease    
    Import and Export dashboard panels    
    Use the Security Dashboard Panel Permissions to restrict panels from any user    
    Scrollable dashboard to display additional panels than are too large to all display on screen    
    Each Panel can be configured to display a grid or a chart    
    Charts and Grids can be mixed together in the dashboard    
    Panels can be configured in any order or column per user    
    Grid panels can have between 1 and 4 columns of data and unlimited rows    
    Grid panels can be configured to return a specified number of rows    
    Grid panels can be configured to display a certain number of rows with a scroll bar to display the rest    
  There are over 40 Dashboard Panels are included by default
    - 12 Month Sales Totals (Chart)
    - Aged Payables
    - Aged Payables (Chart)
    - Aged Receivables
    - Aged Receivables (Chart)
    - Daily Sales Totals
    - Daily Sales Totals (Chart)
    - Last 5 Bills
    - Last 5 Invoices
    - Monthly Sales Totals
    - Monthly Sales Totals (Chart)
    - Next 5 Recurring Transactions Due
    - Next 5 Vendors To Pay
    - Open Orders
    - Open Purchase Orders
    - Open Quotes
    - Revenue vs. Expenses (Chart)
    - Top 5 Bank Accounts
    - Top 5 Campaigns
    - Top 5 Checks Written by Payee
    - Top 5 Countries Sold To
    - Top 5 Countries Sold To (Chart)
    - Top 5 Credit Card Accounts
    - Top 5 Customers
    - Top 5 Customers (Chart)
    - Top 5 Customers Who Owe Money
    - Top 5 Expenses
    - Top 5 Inventory Reorder Point
    - Top 5 Items Sold
    - Top 5 Opportunities by Product
    - Top 5 Opportunities by Salesperson
    - Top 5 Sales Reps
    - Top 5 Sales Reps (Chart)
    - Top 5 Vendors
    - Top 5 Vendors (Chart)
    - Top 5 Vendors You Owe Money
    - Weekly Sales Totals
    - Weekly Sales Totals (Chart)
    - Yearly Sales Totals
    - Yearly Sales Totals (Chart)
    Dashboard Query Builder to customize the data displayed in panels    
    Charts can be displayed in 2D or 3D    
  The following 34 chart types are included
    - Area Chart
    - Area Stacked Chart
    - Area Stacked Full Chart
    - Bar Chart
    - Bar Stacked Chart
    - Bar Stacked Full Chart
    - Bubble Chart
    - Doughnut Chart
    - Funnel Chart
    - Line Chart
    - Line Step Chart
    - Pie Chart
    - Point Chart
    - Scatter Line Chart
    - Spline Chart
    - Spline Area Chart
    - Spline Area Stacked Chart
    - Spline Area Stacked Full Chart
    - 3D Area Chart
    - 3D Area Stacked Chart
    - 3D Area Stacked Full Chart
    - 3D Bar Chart
    - 3D Bar Manhattan Chart
    - 3D Bar Stacked Chart
    - 3D Bar Stacked Full Chart
    - 3D Doughnut Chart
    - 3D Funnel Chart
    - 3D Line Chart
    - 3D Line Step Chart
    - 3D Pie Chart
    - 3D Spline Chart
    - 3D Spline Area Chart
    - 3D Spline Area Stacked Chart
    - 3D Spline Area Stacked Full Chart
    Print dashboard panels    
    Email dashboard panels    
    Pick from 30 different chart color themes    
    Change Panel captions    
    Set Panel Grid captions, width, alignments and formats    
    Hide or display a footer with totals for any grid panel    
    Sort grid data    
    Duplicate existing panels to use as a template for creating a similar panel    
    Rollover tool tips on chart panels    
    Show or hide chart legends    
    Set chart label positions    
    Show or hide display titles    
    Configure a second data source for complex charts    
    Set a Zoom level for charts