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Data Import/Export

You can use the included Data Utility to import your data from almost any source by mapping the fields to the Custom Vantage Office™ table you want to import into.

You can also update existing data or export data from Custom Vantage Office™ with ease.

Key Features  
Wizard based data importing    
    Import from any text delimited file format such as CSV, TXT, TAB, XLS, etc.    
    Bulk Import millions of records in minutes    
    Secure login to prevent unauthorized users    
    Full import logging in case of errors    
    Default data automatically added for required fields    
    Required fields show in red    
    Preview data before importing it    
    Update existing data in Stamp Shop Manager from an external text delimited or Excel file.    
    Updating data does not remove existing records    
    Export data from Custom Vantage Office™ into a text delimited format    
    Save your work to an XML file and continue later    
    Fields that have the same name as Custom Vantage Office™ will automatically be mapped    
    Field Delimiters include Comma, Tab, Space and Semi-Colon    
    Validates the source text delimited file is valid before importing