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Custom Vantage Office® includes over 400 default reports that can be customized with the included report designer.

Reports can be exported to PDF, Word, Excel or Text and can be emailed using the built-in email control.

Key Features  
Customize any report and save it as a new report without altering the original    

    Built-in Report Designer    

    Create new reports using a powerful wizard    

    Financial Report Generator    

    Group commonly used reports in the Report Favorites section    

    Reports can be exported to PDF, Word, Excel or Text    

    Reports can be emailed using the built-in email control    

    Configure report criteria and set a variety of options, conditions and sorting    

    Saving custom report criteria is user specific, therefore your changes will not affect anyone    

    Visual SQL query builder    

    Includes over 30 barcode styles    

    Included chart control contains 22 of the most commonly used 2D and 3D chart types    

    Import and Export Reports to share with other users.    

    Configure reports to sort on multiple fields    

    Multi-page report viewer.    

    Find data in any previewed report.    

    Report table of contents and thumbnail views    

    Use the security form to set report permissions    

    Set default printers for each report per user.    

    Set the default number of copies to print for each user.    

    Configure if a report should print collate    

    Ability to disable the Print Dialog box when printing    

    Report Image Annotations    

    Cross Section controls and Snap Lines    

    Custom Report Mapping