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Role Based Security

The security in Custom Vantage Office®; can be setup per user or based on roles, groups and policies. This provides a very powerful security model that covers every module in Stamp Shop Manager.

You can set permissions to control every form, report, control (fields), menu and dashboard panels throughout Custom Vantage Office®;. You can also configure several other security options for each user.

Key Features  
User Roles to quickly setup new users    

    Prevent orders from being created for customers on credit hold    

    Prevent orders from being created for customers with overdue invoices    

    Prevent the sales price from being changed on orders    

    Prevent users from selling items below cost    

    Force purchase orders to be created for a minimum amount    

    Prohibit Control Accounts in the General Journal    

    User must change password on next login    

    Users cannot change password    

    Disable users    

    Enable grid configurations to be saved for each user    

    Prevent users from seeing other users time sheets    

    Ability to email a user their password if they forget it.    

    Associate a Sales Rep to a user    

    Set a default Store ID for each user    

    Set a default Warehouse for each user    

    Filter transactions on the search forms based on the default store    

    Only display inventory from the default warehouse    

    Default chart of accounts for each user    

    Account Templates to quickly configure the default accounts    

    Default Segments    

    Form Permissions provide Full Access, Edit, View/Add, Add, View Only or No Access options    

    Control Permissions provide Show, Hide, Disable and Bypass options    

    Control Groups    

    Report Permissions provide Print Preview, Default Printer, Direct Print or Hide options.    

    Menu Permissions provide a way to Disable or completely hide any menus.    

    Dashboard Panel Permissions provide Show or Hide options    

    Account Lockout Duration    

    Account Lockout Threshold    

    Log access and changes to preferences    

    Log adding, deleting or editing users    

    Log all login attempts    

    Log password changes    

    Log user lockouts    

    Enforce password history    

    Maximum password age    

    Minimum password length    

    Require password elements (lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special characters)    

    Remember user name when logging in.