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You can stop spending money outsourcing payroll when you have the right tools to make the process easy to manage. Not only will you save money on a costly payroll service, you will have control, flexibility and a centralized view of each employee.

This is all happening in a secured environment so you can choose who will have access to Payroll.
Key Features  
Ability to create your own custom Taxes    

    Calculate taxes by fixed amount, hourly amount, hourly percentage or percentage    

    Ability to choose if a Tax is paid by the Employee or the Company    

    Update Employees with a Tax Type that has been modified    

    Create unlimited number of Earning ID    

    Set the Earning to calculate by annual salary, fixed amount or hourly rate    

    Create an Earning for Fringe Benefit calculation    

    Create an Earning for Reimbursement to Employees    

    Select Employee and Employer taxes per Earning    

    Create unique Deductions    

    Calculate Deductions by fixed amount, hourly amount, hourly percentage or percentage    

    Select if the Deduction is paid by the Employee or Company    

    Create Time Off Types to be associated to a specific Earning    

    Time off Types will reduce based on use of that Earning    

    Create Payroll Groups for rapid setup at the Employee level for taxes, earnings, deductions and time off    

    Create Employee Pay Groups to identify pay period    

    Workers Compensation Codes    

    Create Employee Opening Balances    

    Check box for 1099 Employees    

    Schedule Activities for Employees    

    Attach documents to Employee    

    Initiate transaction from Employee form    

    Unlimited custom fields    

    Enable Time Clock to calculate hours    

    Weekly Time sheets    

    Direct Deposit (Web Pay, NPC Pay 2 and NACHA)    

    Convert an Employee to a Sales Rep    

    Create Paychecks for all employees within the Process Pay Groups    

    Ability to deselect an Employee from a pay run through the Process Pay Groups    

    User defined powerful grid searching    

    Group by any column in the Search Form    

    Export and summarize search information    

    Advanced and Saved searching options available